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Be bold

You want an edge. You want real-time business insights. You want to take radical-yet-calculated steps your competitors can’t.

To do that, you first have to activate your data. You have to become data-led. You have to gain commitment from all levels of your organization. Most of all, you have to be bold. We’re with you every step of the way to accelerate these outcomes.

Scientific insights for bold business decisions

Hours in the batting cage lead to walk-off homeruns. Every award-winning chef is both a chemist and a frequent taste-tester. And behind every life-saving medication is a series of rigorous clinical trials that must demonstrate both safety and a statistically significant result.

Similarly, there is structure, practice, and uncommon insight behind every great moment in business. When preparation meets opportunity, risk is controlled and making the right move has a profound impact. With data on your side, you can be confident that more of your big swings will result in big hits. That’s what we bring to the table. You bring the instinct, the ambition, and a lifelong unwillingness to settle for the status quo.

Own your data

Make no mistake: data is your most powerful asset. In the right hands, it can drive transformational outcomes, evolve your corporate culture, and set you apart from the competition—sometimes radically.

Don’t give your data away. Don’t allow agencies, partners, or other third-parties to hold it hostage. You own it. We help you stand it up the technology and unlock the insights hidden even in data you didn’t know you had – turning it into a potent force for growth. But it remains yours. Always.

Slow and steady wins the race? Think again.

Traditional analytics consulting engagements tend to move at a snail’s pace. But not here. We are purpose-built for making insights actionable, and go to market faster than any of the major consultancies. We understand that testing and feedback begin on day one, so we empower our engineers, math geeks, and strategists to rapidly stand up proving grounds that go from zero to statistical relevance—complete with testing rigor—in less time than it takes our competitors to get contracts signed.

Succeed or fail faster, and in a controlled way. Make iterative improvements. Repeat.

Our agency roots

Proove Intelligence is part of DAC, which Forrester has ranked as one of the world’s most significant Performance Marketing Agencies. As such, our capabilities—and the expertise we tap into—is beyond the means of conventional analytics providers. We’re born of a culture built on actionable insights, provable outcomes, and almost 50 years of trailblazing growth, especially in local. In other words, Proove extracts the best parts of an agency and fuses them with the rigor of a pure analytics company. And that makes us unique.

Ready to get started?

We can help you create transformational change if your data has become an afterthought, untapped resource, or decision-making blind spot—and it all starts with a friendly chat. Let’s get started!