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Integrated Business Intelligence

Take a unique approach to put data at the heart of your strategy, where it can spark bold decisions and drive meaningful change.

Using a blend of creative thinking and computational power, our team takes a scientific approach to growing your business with the right customer base—uncovering new relationships within your data to unlock value that would otherwise sit idle. Whether scaling what’s working or planning next steps, we know what it takes to implement discoveries in the real world.

Becoming an insight-driven organization requires Foundational Integrity in the data, achieved through accurate collection and retention of source signals to cultivate trust and belief in the outputs. An agreement on a KPI framework and measurement strategy will help you enrol your entire business in the right strategies for data governance, management, and application.

But asking the right questions of the data is only half the battle. Our multidisciplinary team conducts Creative Analysis to reveal opportunities for exploration, creating falsifiable hypotheses and challenging prevailing assumptions.

Rigorous Scientific Analysis uses real-time data to challenge the hypothesis, applying data testing, augmentation, modelling, and prediction to determine truths and optimize outcomes.

Of course, all of this is meaningless unless we can Ignite Action. Together we inspire stakeholders and get down to the business of meaningful change. After all, Proove Intelligence exists to make insights actionable, driving bold business decisions.


You know your business best, and we know what to do with your data. Together we can create the right framework for data-driven growth. Our specialists work closely with your key players to translate overall enterprise goals into the context of data, collaboratively exploring how to drive greater performance.

  • Data strategy workshops

    We can help with the critical first step of aligning your business objectives with your data ecosystem by isolating gaps, exposing opportunities, and identifying key areas of focus.

  • Data inventory

    No matter how disparate or dated your systems are, we will assess your current data state and work to formalize its structure. By conducting mapping exercises with key stakeholders and studying sample files, we can evaluate data health, build a data catalog, and devise a data growth plan.

  • KPI framework sessions

    Superfluous KPIs consume resources, adding more noise than signal to your reporting. We can facilitate a Lean KPI Framework Design workshop, ranking your KPIs while intelligently grouping your data to ensure your reporting gets economically leveraged by decision makers, leading to swift action.

  • Ongoing change management

    Measuring performance using the right metrics fosters a data-driven performance culture. Once this happens, data truly becomes a concrete asset of the company. Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes—but we know exactly how to address them head on.

Ready to get started?

We can help you create transformational change if your data has become an afterthought, untapped resource, or decision-making blind spot—and it all starts with a friendly chat. Let’s get started!