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Measurement Strategy

In a world awash with data, can you make your reporting more digestible without compromising its ability to accurately monitor performance?

It’s impossible to comprehend the amount of data generated each day. In fact, it’s all too easy to become completely disoriented by the sheer volume of information available as we continue to record ever-increasing numbers of metrics across multiple dimensions.

Our team will work with you and your key stakeholders to establish a measurement plan that aligns with your objectives. Using our extensive experience in analytics and reporting—as well as our unparalleled strategic capabilities—we ensure that you focus on the KPIs that reveal your true progress towards your targets, not the metrics that don’t.

With “creative analysis” a central tenet of the Proove outcome accelerator, we know exactly which questions to ask of your data. Are your KPIs fit for purpose when it comes to accurately measuring performance? Are activities being measured in siloes, without a nuanced appreciation of how they could be cross-pollinating? We help you develop falsifiable hypotheses to test and uncover the true value of your investments.


Our measurement strategy outcomes are built around the four pillars of our framework:

  • Trust: We interview key stakeholders, building relationships to establish analytical priorities and identify goals and targets
  • Perception: We build consensus on the objectives through continual outreach and communication.
  • Intelligence: We align and deliver a robust measurement framework design.
  • Influence: We present and support your measurement and optimization plan to effect meaningful uptake—and change.

Ready to get started?

We can help you create transformational change if your data has become an afterthought, untapped resource, or decision-making blind spot—and it all starts with a friendly chat. Let’s get started!