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The classy confectioner


Our client, an award-winning confection manufacturer and retailer, had ambitious online sales targets to meet—but didn’t fully understand its online audience. We built data-driven personas, segmented customer types for targeting, and designed personalized customer experiences to drive significant growth in conversion rates for every audience.


  • Persona development
  • Customer segmentation
  • Personalization at scale

The challenge

Ecommerce dominated our client’s goals at the outset of our engagement. But their quest to drive online sales was hampered by limited visibility into their customers’ behavior throughout the journey to purchase. That included which channels they used and why, which technology they used, how they navigated the website, and, ultimately, which products they purchased.

  1. Understand customer journeys
  2. Personalize messaging
  3. Increase ecommerce sales


The solution

We combined relevant customer characteristics and online behavior traits into five meaningful customer personas. These personas captured the most common visitors to the website and the primary consumers of the retail products. Through these customer personas, we revealed an entirely new realm of possibilities around personalized messaging, product recommendations, and guided customer journeys. All of these options could be easily tested and efficiently executed upon to drive sales.

Venn diagram showing intersecting interests of four audience types


Using dimension reduction machine learning methods, we processed hundreds of online customer data variables into actionable customer personas. These personas were used to serve website messaging specific to their customer profile.


The purchasing behavior of customers in each persona predicts the interests of other, similar customers. We used these “look-alike” predictions to suggest more relevant products to prospective customers, thereby guiding their online experience and improving conversion rates.


By analyzing customer behaviour around key buying periods such as holidays, we were able to streamline the customer journey at specific times of the year. For example, we tailored holiday messaging so that it wasn’t simply broadly holiday-themed—it spoke to the specific motivations each customer had to be visiting the site.

The architect
The Architect
The pragmatist
The Pragmatist
The activist
The Activist

The bold decision

  • Instead of speaking to all potential customers in the same way, our insights allowed this client to personalize the message and improve the reach within a small number of distinct audience segments
  • This enabled digital delivery of richer customer experiences that were far more consistent with what the brand does best – delighting customers with luxurious treats

The impact

Consistently improving ecommerce sales is a goal shared by many businesses. But the only way to drive up conversion rates—and personalize customer journeys—is to truly understand your audience’s characteristics, behaviors, and preferences, then place the right content in front of the right people at the right time.


customer segments discovered and defined


lowest increase in CVR through personalization


highest increase in CVR through personalization

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