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One of our ecommerce clients, a large fashion retailer, was struggling to translate its brick-and-mortar success into the world of ecommerce. We took their vast shopping feed and transformed it into a formidable revenue generator, optimizing down to the individual product level to drive significant gains in every metric that matters.


  • Product feed optimization
  • Customer segmentation
  • Personalization at scale

The challenge

Search engines are steadily evolving beyond the traditional keyword-based customer journey, wherein users search for a keyword, sort through text ad results, and click through to a website. With the emergence of more structured and segmented product feeds (also known as shopping feeds), SERPs are now far more personalized, localized, conversational, and actionable. Our client carried ambitious goals into this brave new world—but also had more than 300,000 SKUs in tow.

  1. Advance in search results rankings
  2. Increase search-driven sales
  3. Find ecommerce cost efficiencies

The solution

Product feeds help streamline access to any retailer’s product data set and related information. They are generated and managed in standardized file formats, which allows platforms or comparison-shopping engines—such as Bing Shopping (Bing Product Ads), Google Shopping (Google Product Listing Ads), and Amazon Marketplace—to market products from multiple retailers by accessing and correctly understanding products in the context of user preferences, search history, demographics, location, and other qualifiers. The result: dynamic, personalized engagement in real time. But how, exactly, did we achieve that for our client?
Graphic showing how inventory optimization leads to better search ranking


Merchant Center is a tool that helps ecommerce players upload their store, brand, and product data and make it available to Shopping Ads and other Google services. To advertise these products on Google, we configured the Merchant Center account following the latest best practices.

  • Link Google Merchant Center to Google Ads
  • Assess the existing setup
  • Catalogue and prioritize the observed challenges, such as disapprovals at different levels (Item, Feed, Account)
  • Identify the root causes and address them via custom rules, then coordinate with Google Support for resolution


The product feed is essentially a list of products and their respective attributes, presented in a format that Google algorithms understand to display Shopping Ads in the search results. We set this list up looking for the highest impact on the search result rankings. Some of the activities performed:

  • Data cleansing
  • Data mapping
  • Data standardization/normalization
  • Data harvesting for missing feed attributes


You can’t drive ecommerce growth if you simply set and forget your product feed. It has to be continually maintained, managed, and optimized. Our ongoing program includes:

  • Optimized titles
  • Standardized naming conventions
  • Removing duplicate values
  • Optimized Google Product Categories by making them more granular and/or accurate
  • Other various and granular optimizations at the product attribute level
The engineer
The Engineer
The architect
The Architect

The bold decision

  • Sometimes the way a business names or describes a product doesn’t line up to how potential customers are trying to discover it. Our strategic application of feed translation allowed this brand to use more standardized language to achieve better visibility for its unique looks

The impact

With hundreds of thousands of SKUs working in harmony, we have driven spectacular performance in every metric that matters: 88% more users reaching the website via product searches; 12% more pages view per session; 17% increase in ecommerce conversion rate; 116% more transactions; 10% increase in user retention. In other words, efficient ecommerce—and significant online revenue—is now the norm for our client. Together, we’re now free to focus our efforts on the next opportunity.


increase in online revenue


increase in clicks to Product Listing Ads (PLAs)


decrease in cost per click

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