Data Scientist

Cody Xu

Cody is a data scientist, a strategical thinker with believe in the power of data. With expertise in data mining, Cody helped clients to build value adding data products from raw data which support daily decision making. Cody was armed with scientific big data analytics technology and advanced visualization tools, to help clients leverage data to pinpoint business problems and understand their customers much more deeply.

How has being bold shaped your life and career?

Marrying intelligence and boldness is key to innovation and success. Boldness is about stepping up and stepping out onto our "edge"-pushing the limits of what we think is possible for us. Stepping out my conform zone, I went to a foreign country with a luggage in each arm. I travelled to UK and started my international study, which I had to adapt to many changes to my mindset and life. Being bold is to accept the challenge of facing large data sets and not being phased. With this in mind, I've solved many business challenges by creating systems and algorithms to manage these datasets. With this passion, I strive for excellence and enable our clients understand their customers from different perspectives