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Senior Web Analyst

Mario Lyn

Web analytics is part-art, part-science, but all about delivering results. Throughout Mario’s decades of experience designing, building, marketing, and analyzing websites. He has demonstrated both his right- and left-brain problem-solving skills needed to find innovative and creative ways for businesses to reach and exceed their business objectives. ​

His work on a variety of accounts—from insurance and automotive to large retailers—has helped clients find the actionable insights they need to optimize user experiences and improve their overall digital performance.

How has being bold shaped your life and career?

With a passion for looking beyond the numbers to the entire customer experience, being bold to me is allowing myself to go a step further. What other data sets can I augment my analysis? Who do I ask? This brings me to create relationships beyond my day to day stakeholders. This ensures that I have covered all perspective to find areas of friction and applying my creatively analytical mindset to find solutions and improvements.